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Immediate Molar Implants

Smiling Woman from Djawdan Center for Implant and Restorative Dentistry in Annapolis, MD Immediate molar implants can help you chew your regular diet faster and easier when a natural tooth is no longer healthy. Traditional dental implants generally involve a lengthy process that can take many months to complete. Oftentimes we need to restore and bulk up bone tissue before the implant can be placed. This can be even more necessary for back teeth where the pressure caused by chewing is stronger. Immediate molar implants allow us to create and implement a plan to restore the area before the damaged tooth is even removed. At Djawdan Center for Implant and Restorative Dentistry we can help you have healthy teeth that not only look natural, but feel natural.

Tooth loss includes the loss of the tooth, followed by immediate degradation of the bone, some negative effects to the neighboring teeth, and then, for some, the rebuilding and restoration using a dental implant. Though restoration is important, ideally we want to omit the negative effects that occur to the bone and neighboring teeth following the loss of a tooth. Immediate molar implants allow us to skip those negative effects and plan the restoration as part of the extraction. With immediate load molar implants we surgically position the implant through the crown of the damaged natural molar prior to removing the roots. Following the removal of the roots, the immediate molar implant is placed along with bone grafting material allowing the area to heal from the tooth removal and grow new bone material around the implanted device all at the same time.

The immediate molar implant is completed using Biohorizons Tapered IM dental implants. It is specifically designed as an immediate placement for molar extraction sites. The tapered design along with its unique threads help it fuse stronger to the bone as the bone heals around it. Once the bone has sufficiently grown, we can then use this implant as a sturdy anchor in your mouth to attach a dental crown, bridge, or denture. How many implants you need, and what kind of prosthetic we use, is specific to each patient and their needs.

Benefits of Immediate Molar Implants

The benefit of using an immediate molar implant includes:
•  Better Bone Health: One of the biggest negatives from tooth loss is the atrophy to the bone. Our bone requires the stimulation of use to remain healthy, and it responds quickly with atrophy when it is not used. Immediate molar implants are placed at the same time the unhealthy tooth is removed. We also place a bone graft during the same procedure to help promote healthy healing from the bone.
•  Less Changes to your Diet: There will be some temporary changes as your tissue heals, but in just a few short months you should be able to resume your normal diet and chew the foods you love.
•  Better for Neighboring Teeth: Your neighboring teeth can move and shift following the loss of a tooth. Placing a dental implant will help keep neighboring teeth in their position.

For more information on immediate molar implants, and if you are a candidate, contact our Annapolis at (443) 569-8764.

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