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Dental FAQs
Annapolis, MD

Do you offer free consultations?

Yes! Our consultations are 100% free! We don't want there to be a barrier between you and exploring your treatment options. Most dentist offices will charge a fee to take imaging, and then will allow you apply that fee towards your treatment cost. Not us! The entire consultation, imaging included, is totally free.

What services do you offer?

Dr. Djawdan focuses his practice on helping adult patients restore their hope and confidence with dental implants. Since we have our own lab right here in the office, Dr. Djawdan will personally handle every step of your treatment. This includes the planning, surgical phase (extraction, implant placement, etc.), and restorative phase (crown, fixed bridge, etc.). Having our own lab also allows us to fabricate crowns in a single visit! No longer do you have to wait for a separate lab at another location to make your crowns and send them back. For your convenience, we have the capacity to prep the tooth and deliver your crown in the same appointment.

Where are you located?

Our address is 133 Defense Highway, Suite 210 in Annapolis, Maryland. We are located in The Courtyards building, across the road from the Italian Market and on the same side as Home Depot and the car wash. Parking is located around the back of the building where you will then see an entrance to our elevator and stairs. We are happy to assist with directions upon request if you are traveling from a distance and unfamiliar with Annapolis.

How much does it cost?

Each treatment option is as unique as the individual it is designed for! So, for this reason, we are unable to provide quotes for treatment until we are certain as to what that treatment might be. We do offer all-inclusive fees for some treatment considerations, but we need to determine if you are a candidate beforehand. We offer 100% complimentary consultations so Dr. Djawdan can review each treatment option, and their cost, with you.

Does insurance cover my implants?

The extent of your coverage will depend on your individual plan and the implant benefits included. All dental plans have an allowed fee for each service and a set percentage of what they will pay relative to that fee. We can help to coordinate your dental insurance benefits during your consultation, but please keep in mind that they will only reimburse up to your annual maximum (average annual maximum is $1,500).

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely! We want to make your experience with us as easy as possible, so we do offer patient financing through Lending Club and Care Credit. Each company has promotional periods with no interest plans, as well as fixed interest rate plans. We also will reduce any fee over $1,000 by 5% if payment is made by check or cash and accept all major credit cards. We are happy to discuss which option works best for you during your free consultation.

Can I have my treatment done while asleep?

You sure can! We offer conscious IV sedation for any dental procedure. If you are anxious, scared, or just don't want to be awake for treatment, we've got you covered!

What is conscious IV sedation?

Conscious IV sedation, or ‘twilight sedation', is a milder form of sedation that puts the patient in a sleep-like state instead of completely out like with general anesthesia. Twilight sedation allows for anxiety relief and temporarily causes anterograde amnesia, so you are not able to form memories of the procedure. You will not remember the appointment, and most likely the remainder of the day, however the effects are worn off by the next day.

What is to expect during healing?

After any surgical procedure, you can expect to experience swelling. We help you to reduce swelling by providing anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen and low-dose steroids if applicable. We also will give you an ice pack prior to your surgery so it can be cold for immediate use on the day of. Swelling is usually at its peak between 48- and 72-hours post-surgery and will decrease starting on day 4. We will see you for a follow up visit 7-10 days post-surgery to evaluate your healing.

How long do implants take to heal?

The tissue surrounding the implant(s) is usually healed between one- and two-weeks post-surgery. However, the implant itself will take some time to integrate with the surrounding bone. Typically we will wait approximately 2-3 months for the implants to integrate before we fabricate your permanent restoration.

Do implants hurt?

The surgical site can be tender up to 7-10 days post- surgery, but most patients report that there is no true pain. In fact, most patients are pleasantly surprised about the little amount of discomfort they have after a procedure. Sometimes, an infected or hopeless tooth can be the source of pain, so when we remove the tooth, there is no more pain!

I have bone loss; am I a candidate for implants?

Most patients are a candidate for dental implants, even if they have suffered bone loss. We can do bone grafting procedures to build bone around the implant site either prior to implant placement or at the same time. If bone loss is too severe in the upper jaw, we can place a specific type of implant called a zygomatic implant to provide the necessary support. During your consultation, Dr. Djawdan will review all imaging with you to determine the best route for your specific needs.

Can implants be placed at the same time of an extraction?

In most cases, yes! Depending on the patient's unique situation, we can place implants immediately after extracting the tooth/teeth. During your consultation, Dr. Djawdan will outline each phase of treatment and what will happen at each appointment, so you can know what to expect.

My implant fell out!?

Not to worry, it most likely was not your implant that has come out. Sometimes while we are waiting for an implant to integrate, we will place a healing collar on top of the implant. The healing collar keeps the gum tissue from forming together and covering the implant. These are screwed into the implant, and with chewing and friction in the mouth, they can become loose and fall out. While it is not urgent, we do suggest you call and make an appointment to have it replaced.
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