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Important COVID-19 Update - PLEASE READ

Illustration of the Corona virusDear Valued Patients,

We have just received new information regarding the COVID-19 outbreak from the Maryland State Dental Association. The following is a direct excerpt from their most recent contact with us:

In light of the rapidly growing developments regarding official responses to the coronavirus (COVID-19), the state of Maryland has issued a stay at home order until April 30th.

If you have not reached out already to cancel or reschedule your upcoming appointment, I will be reaching out to all patients with non-essential appointments and asking to reschedule.

What is considered an essential appointment?
•  Bite adjustments (malocclusion can cause discomfort and implant failure)
•  Surgical appointments of teeth that are causing pain
•  Follow ups from surgical appointments
•  Restorative appointments for teeth that left untreated could worsen
•  Any appointment to treat a situation that left untreated could cause a dental emergency

What is considered a non-essential appointment?
•  Hygiene (dental cleaning)
•  CT Scan appointments (usually 2-3 months post bone grafting or implant placement)
•  Problem focus exams or consultations that are not pressing

If you have an essential appointment scheduled, we still ask that you reschedule your appointment if you have had cold or flu like symptoms or have been in close contact with anyone who has.

We understand that this situation is less than ideal and may be a huge disruption in people’s lives, but we want to take all precautions that we can to keep everyone safe and healthy. Once we have more information and can confidently resume normal business operations, we will reach back out to schedule all appointments that were postponed.

We thank you again for understanding and appreciate your cooperation while we all are adapting to the fluidity of these circumstances.

Kindest Regards,

The Djawdan Center Team
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