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Dangers of Trying to Exercise Too Soon After Oral Surgery

Posted on 2/7/2022 by Kian Djawdan DMD
Dangers of Trying to Exercise Too Soon After Oral SurgeryAfter undergoing any surgery, you need time to heal. Dental implants, reconstructive surgery, or any form of tooth extraction will take a toll on your oral condition. This is why it is helpful to rest and allow your body to regain stability and strength. While regular exercises help improve the conditions of your body, doing it too soon after an oral surgery could cause problems. Therefore, we advise that you sit back and rest to let your mouth and body heal.

Refrain from Physical Exercises

We all know that physical exercises are excellent for your mental health and body condition. However, if you just underwent any oral surgery, you should stay away from this exercise for a while. Going back to exercising without healing could lead to significant discomfort. It could also lead to bleeding, especially if the wound is still fresh. Besides, rushing back to exercising could significantly affect the healing process.

In some cases, it could even reverse the progress. Research has linked aggressive exercises after surgery to dry sockets. This is an oral condition where blood clots are dislodged, exposing the underlying tissues to harmful bacteria. As a result, you are likely to develop infections.

For that reason, we advise that you take things slowly, particularly during the first 24 hours. Depending on the type of surgery you had, you should wait for far, much longer. If you had intensive surgery, you should wait for several days before starting exercises. Resting is more helpful because it keeps your oral health in good condition.

It gives your body time to heal and repair the damaged tissues. The right time you should start engaging in exercises should be at least after four to five days. Again, you should not start participating in aggressive activities. Instead, start by engaging in soft activities like yoga and light jogging. Contact us for more information on oral surgeries.
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