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Dental Alveolar Surgery And Its Various Procedures?

Posted on 12/10/2021 by Kian Djawdan DMD
Dental Alveolar Surgery And Its Various Procedures?Dental alveolar surgery involves the surgical management of tooth-related diseases and other supporting hard and soft tissues. There are plenty of dental alveolar surgery procedures, as we use each of them to treat different problems. Below are some of the dental alveolar surgery procedures.

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extractions are the most common oral and maxillofacial procedures, both in children and adults. A previous consultation with our team is always necessary to examine and diagnose the mouth of a patient to determine if they require a tooth extraction. Overall, this is a simple procedure, although certain cases, like broken teeth, may take more time to remove.

Third Molars (Impacted Teeth)

When a tooth does not fully break through the gum or fails to emerge, it becomes what we know as an impacted tooth. The third molars or wisdom teeth are the most common types of impacted teeth, as they often grow in jawbones that do not have the space to hold any more teeth. Their removal procedure is a bit more complex than a simple tooth extraction.

Orthodontic Surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgery can also help with the extraction of exposed un-erupted teeth. We usually perform this procedure in children. Other orthodontic surgeries include the extraction of over-retained baby teeth.

Pre-prosthetic Surgery

Our team of professionals can prepare your mouth before any denture placement or jaw surgery. With a bone graft, we can ensure your jawbone has a proper fitting bone ridge and enough volume before we can place any kind of prosthetics. Removal of excess bone is also an option, and it serves to smooth, reshape and reduce your bone ridge and excesses of gum before obtaining a denture. We also perform skin grafting and specialized gum treatment.

All in all, these procedures allow you to experience efficient oral health. Please visit our offices today and learn more about the different dental alveolar surgery procedures, and how they can help your case.

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