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Patient of the Month: All-On-4 Dental Implants
Posted on 6/3/2021 by Kian Djawdan DMD
In 2017, Tara had come to us a new patient seeking relief for ongoing dental ailments. Her chief concerns were several broken teeth and tenderness in certain areas when chewing. Tara had also expressed that she would need IV sedation for any procedure due to a severe gag reflex and dental anxiety. In Dr. Djawdan’s nearly three decades (29 years to be exact) of practicing dentistry, he has found that it is quite common for patients to avoid dental treatment for both of those reasons, and IV sedation is a great asset to help them achieve their treatment goals with comfort and ease.

Tara says, “I had been to so many dentists in my life because of my failing teeth. I had severe anxiety going to have them worked on; to the point that I'd be physically ill. No matter what I did, my teeth still gave me problems. Before I got implants, I was limited on what I could eat. How hot or cold my food or drink was dependent on how much pain I had while eating. Eating foods that were hard or required a lot of chewing caused a lot of pain. I rarely smiled, as I was embarrassed of my yellow decaying teeth.”

During Tara’s consultation, Dr. Djawdan reviewed the images and x-rays that were taken so that he could get a good understanding as to what was going on and why. We discovered that she had some other matters to take into consideration for dental treatment. One of the concerns, in addition to the broken teeth, was the amount of recurrent decay that had developed after having several amalgam fillings done years prior. These restorations were now failing and would need to be redone. However, there was recurrent decay interproximal as well, meaning in between the teeth, that was not present when she had her dental work done previously.

One treatment plan that was presented to Tara was a more conservative approach but might not have had the best long-term prognosis. This method would allow the preservation of most of her natural teeth, and those that were considered “hopeless” would be replaced with dental implants. In theory, this treatment plan would be the most ideal however the amount of recurrent decay was concerning. While crowns and restorations themselves aren’t subject to recurrent decay, the tooth structure which they sit upon is.

Tara’s alternative option was to remove all remaining natural teeth and replace them with implants to support a full arch bridge. This technique is commonly known as “Teeth In A Day”, “All-On-4”, or “All-On-X” (the x stands for a variable number of implants to be placed). This approach is slightly more invasive; however it has a much better prognosis because dental implants are not susceptible to recurrent decay like a natural tooth. Ultimately, she decided to move forward with the implant solution to help her achieve her treatment goals, including being able to chew her food without pain and to smile with confidence.

Here's what Tara has to say about her overall experience with dental implants: “The best thing I have done is get full implants. I found my smile again. I no longer have pain when I eat, no matter how hot or cold. Chewing food no longer hurts. I don't have to worry about waking up with dental pain. Best of all, Dr. Djawdan and his staff are amazing. They are understanding and very compassionate. I've never felt more at ease at a dentist than I do here.”

Thank you, Tara! We are so happy that you have had a wonderful experience from start to finish and we love seeing your beautiful new smile!
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